People are the fuel of our economy. Consumer spending in the United States is $13 trillion annually — 70% of the GDP. Understanding consumer behavior and their path to purchase is a strategic priority for all companies. Yet most companies find it difficult to create a real-time connection with people everywhere.

We created The People Platform™ to solve this problem.



The People Platform™ is a cloud-based software platform that enables people and companies to interact in real-time from any device, environment, or location in order to share information about their experiences with products and services anywhere. Together, consumer and company exchange information, data, and value without technological friction.

Cross Screen Measurement   5 Devices


Audience   1000 Billion People

Any Device

In-Location   Passive tracking abilities

At Home
or On the Go

Conversation   Talking is good

Share Information
& Data


Consumer & Company Exchange Value


Inform Decisions
& Predict Outcomes


The best way to understand behavior and predict outcomes is to listen to people. It is important to truly understand them, their bold stories, and the collection of experiences that shape their perspective. This will inform every interaction with you. Hear directly from members of The People Platform™ who represent the nation-wide community who connect to share information about their experiences with your company across devices, geographies, and backgrounds in real-time.


Companies across industries are leveraging The People Platform™ to interact with consumers at scale, across devices, everywhere to understand consumer spending behavior and deliver personalized value to all consumers. Our cloud-based software recognizes that people are the most important asset to any company.

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