WS Development is one of the Top 10 retail development companies in the US and is known for creating retail places and experiences that people want to engage. The company has transformed the traditional mall structure and has created an ‘up market’ retail lifestyle. As a result, the leading retail brands in the country call these lifestyle experiences home.


The Seaport project in Boston’s Seaport District is one of the boldest initiatives that WS has embarked on and represents one of the largest opportunities. It isn’t often that a developer gets to define a neighborhood and create a heartbeat for an entire city. Epicenter Experience was hired to spotlight innovation and creativity in the Seaport and to help demonstrate what the future of the neighborhood will be by attracting retail, commercial and residential clients to evaluate this area for their home. The Epicenter team created a curated a set of events, speakers and activities, called the Seaport Experience, for the public to engage with directly.  


This experience dramatically increased awareness, foot traffic and activated a cultural and innovative heartbeat in the Seaport neighborhood. Specifically, over a million people were exposed to the series and three public/private collaborations were a byproduct of this important initiative.