May 15, 2018

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Location-based mobile technology has already enabled nine million people to engage with companies in 270,000+ places; Companies benefit by interacting directly with consumers in-location and respond with personalized value for the individual


BOSTON, MA – May 15, 2018Epicenter Experience, a people-first mobile technology company, today announces that The People Platform, its location-based mobile ecosystem, is fundamentally changing the model for how consumers and companies communicate and exchange personalized value. Nine million people in the U.S. have already opted-in to share experiences in over 270,000 client locations around the country. The People Platform’s innovative mobile approach makes it possible for consumers visiting locations to share preferences and daily experiences, and for companies to learn about and respond to customers in a personalized fashion, without technology friction.  Both consumers and companies receive value from this interaction: customers get personalized financial rewards for responding, while companies are able to gather valuable consumer data at scale, via mobile.

Historically, businesses employed a company-first marketing strategy, but in a mobile driven world, the consumer is king. People have the greatest influence on the economy and business success. Consumer spending represents 70 percent of US Gross Domestic Product, or $13 trillion, and innovative companies that understand that people are driving the economy have the greatest opportunity to capture more of those consumer dollars by learning what motivates consumer behavior. The People Platform is helping companies take a people-first approach, providing data that will help them understand and influence customer behavior. Companies within the retail, restaurant, travel, electronics, and entertainment sectors have signed up with The People Platform. These companies communicate in real-time with consumers in location, when they are making purchasing decisions. Consumers can engage companies in everyday destinations such as cinemas, airports, gas stations, college campuses, bars/restaurants, physician offices, and office buildings. Organizations that have already successfully leveraged The People Platform include Fox Studios, the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, GE, and Nielsen. 

“Epicenter Experience was founded on two guiding principles – that people are the epicenter of any good strategy and that the in-person experience someone has with your company is the defining moment in the relationship,” said Paul Krasinski, Epicenter Experience Founder and CEO. “We wanted to make it easy for both consumers and companies to communicate directly, inform one another, and receive value from the interaction. The People Platform harnesses the power of mobile and employs location services in a way that has never been done before, to enable people to declare their preferences at the exact time and place where they are interacting with the company’s products and services.” 

People are empowered by The People Platform when they receive a notification to opt-in, have an opportunity to voice their opinion, and get an immediate financial benefit for sharing their perspective. The consumer response data enables companies to be proactive about communicating with people in location and personalizing a response based on stated feedback. The data people provide has a direct impact on the economy and improves future experiences with other consumers like them. No other strategy for reaching out to customers provides the depth and breadth of insight on how to influence consumer behavior as The People Platform delivers. 

“The People Platform™ is a mobile solution that I have seen seamlessly enable brands to communicate with consumers at a meaningful national scale via mobile to understand visitation, brand effect, ad recall and allow companies to respond to the consumer in a personalized fashion,” said Paul Lindstrom, former SVP Strategic Media Research at Nielsen. “From a research quality perspective, Epicenter’s proprietary probability sample methodology delivers a systematic approach and known probabilities of selection based on cooperation rates. Epicenter's unique method creates many valuable and powerful possibilities. The People Platform core service is already evolving the way the market measures consumer behavior in-location broadly.”

Epicenter Experience is leading the way for the People Economy, enabling people to create value for themselves by sharing what is important to them with the companies they interact with on a daily basis. For more information about Epicenter Experience and The People Platform, visit or you can download the app to your mobile phone via Google Play or the Apple Store.  


About Epicenter Experience

Founded in August 2016, Epicenter Experience is a people-first mobile technology company that is changing the way people and companies share information and create value. The company’s ground-breaking technology, The People Platform™, is a people-centric, mobile ecosystem that empowers consumers to declare their values and provide their perspective on the customer experience while in location and enables companies to connect with a large audience to capture data about their behavior. This platform enables companies to create a true conversation with its customers, responding directly to individuals with personalized response or value. For more information about Epicenter Experience and The People Platform, visit