The People Platform™ technology enables people and companies to interact through a seamless process, via mobile, to measure consumer reaction in a location where a transaction is happening, facilitate a personalized response and influence behavior at the exact time this behavior is occurring.  Everyone receives value from this first-party interaction.

+ Brand Experience

Clients access a web-based dashboard to create a personalized communication with their consumers around the country, define how/when this communication will take place and describe locations where they want to interact. The dashboard presents the seamless connection to consumers interacting with their brand in real-time.


Consumers receive a notification from The People Platform™ on their mobile device as they visit a client location and are able to interact with the company via a mobile activity to share their reaction to the in-location experience. This interaction allows the company to listen and respond in a personalized manner based on the feedback, making each subsequent interaction with the consumer more valuable and meaningful.

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+ In-location Reaction

Consumers have a variety of in-location activities they can engage with to voice their opinion directly to companies. Surveys provide primary consumer reaction during/post visitation. Photos enable consumers to share notice and usage of product or marketing assets during visitation. Videos offer a powerful and authentic commentary to in-location movements and review of in-location experience.

+ Technology at work

Watch as all technology components come together to deliver value to both company and consumer at the point and time where the consumer is visiting your products and services.