With presence in 106 countries, Nielsen's mission is to provide clients with the most complete understanding of what consumers watch and buy. 


The consumer's world is changing at an unprecedented speed, where media and commerce are colliding. Nielsen is focused on innovating to stay ahead of evolving market trends, allowing us to provide our clients with usable, practical and meaningful tools integral to making strategic business decisions. Nielsen partnered with Epicenter Experience to enable their clients with access to a nationally representative consumer population, providing engaging products and services while in location.  Epicenter's mobile research as a service (RaaS), The People Platform™, delivers consumers who are in location, at scale and are highly engaged in providing feedback. As an approved partner, Epicenter Experience has enabled Nielsen clients to have conversations with their core consumers in location via a mobile device.


This is an ongoing partnership and has resulted in the delivery of projects at a faster rate and at a larger scale than other providers have been able to achieve. This makes the Nielsen-Epicenter relationship a valuable one for both brands and consumers who each receive benefit from their active mobile conversations.