Gas Station TV (GSTV) wanted to be able to interact with people, while they were in one of the 13,000+ service stations nationally. In-person study would have been cost prohibitive and not deliver a representative sample. GSTV employed The The People Platform™ to engage people who were exposed to their content to participate in an ad recall and effectiveness study, in real-time and in-location. 


The People Platform™ created a tailored GSTV network comprised of their 13,000+ locations. When consumers visit these locations, they are notified that client wants them to share their experience. The consumer clicks the notification and participates in a brief survey about the brand recall, visit trends and other questions. The consumer is immediately rewarded with a digital gift card for sharing their experience with GSTV. 


Over a two week period, The People Platform™ delivered over 500 consumer responses in real-time to the dashboard. The client was able to filter results across age, gender, geo and other key performance indicators. This insight enabled the client to understand the consumption patterns of its consumers and proactively react based on the consumer feedback.