The Opioid Crisis is one of the most important and crippling health issue in society today. The GE Foundation and Attorney General Maura Healey established a mandate to create a substance prevention curriculum that would engage all public middle school students in the State of Massachusetts through an in-classroom toolkit and an engaging mobile experience that would serve as a resource outside the classroom. 


GE Foundation, The Attorney General Maura Healey and Epicenter Experience partnered to create Project Here to address the goals above. The People Platform™ became the foundation for the mobile experience. Middle school students would interact with content, engage activities and access substance prevention resources in real-time via the mobile app. Students are rewarded for their participation and advancement with opportunities to attend local sports, concerts and events (e.g. Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, LiveNation). 


In the first week of the Project Here launch, 121 of 369 middle schools registered via the website to participate in this innovative health education initiative. The opioid prevention program will deliver an in- classroom toolkit and the interactive mobile experience. This is the first of its kind to combine in-classroom and mobile components to combat opioid addiction that can be rolled out nationally.