Best Buy wanted to execute a national ad effectiveness campaign that provided insight about a variety of products sold in location. The traditional method of in-person interviews was not cost effective, provided a small sample and it took significant time to synthesize the results. Best Buy wanted to receive feedback from a broader base of its consumers, who were in-location and receive results more quickly to make decisions.


The People Platform™ created a Best Buy network using its passive geo-location capabilities. As any consumer exited a location after a store visit, The People Platform™ alerted the consumer that they were in a location that wanted them to share their experience. When the consumer tapped, they completed a survey to share their recall of in-store displays, product findability and purpose of the visit. The consumer was immediately rewarded with a digital gift card and Best Buy was rewarded with valuable insight about their products and services in real-time.


Best Buy renewed this annual initiative and also contracted for The People Platform’s new audience estimates service, representing the confidence of Best Buy in The People Platform™ mobile methodology.