People are at the epicenter of any brand strategy.  The ability to reach consumers at a nationally representative scale is crucial in this mobile and digital era.  The People Platform™ delivers such access to a statistically relevant community of people via mobile.  Leveraging the technology platform to facilitate conversation, brands receive real-time consumer insight and consumers are rewarded for sharing their feedback.  The People Platform™ has standardized the first party relationship between brands and consumers through its programmatic research approach.

Location Services

The People Platform™ delivers the most expansive set of US locations available in the market.  Location Services enables brand clients to engage consumers through both active check-in and passive geo-fence tracking.  Brands have the ability to include their locations into The People Platform™ venue catalog and map features.  Consumers have the ability to engage these locations and others as they move through their daily routine.  From a research perspective, The People Platform's™ ability to engage consumers via geo-fence or active check-in reduces bias in consumer response and reaction to in-location opportunities and conversation. 

The People Platform™ Mobile App (TPP)

People live in communities.  People engage brands in their community.  Brands want to have a direct conversation with consumers.  People want to share their feedback with brands directly.  Mobile devices and smartphones have reached a universal level.  The People Platform™ recognized the importance of mobile and how it would disrupt the market research industry.  The People Platform™ mobile lifestyle rewards consumers for doing the things they love to do - share their opinions and engage with relevant content/experiences.  The People Platform™ app gets out of the way and gives consumers a direct conduit to brand managers - who are developing strategies - and allows them, in partnership, to develop better products and services.

The People Platform™ Dashboard

The People Platform™ Dashboard is a Research as a Service (RaaS) self service interface.  Clients have the capability to create a new reserch project, observe project performance and pacing, access a snapshot of survey responses and understand the core audience demographics.  This information rich tool is presented via a graphical visualization of the person's demographic, geographic, survey response and reaction to the brand experience.  Through the visualization, it is easy for the brand clients to identify trends, both positive and negative, and take action based on the data.  This ability to re-engage and activate the consumer has not been possible in market research.  Finally, the People Platform Dashboard enables research and analytics teams to export the raw data file via SPSS or CSV formats.  

The Village Database

The Village is the proprietary database asset of The People Platform™, where consumer profile data is housed.  The Village intelligently organizes consumer information into a comprehensive profile that appends all interactions that the consumer takes with a brand or across The People Platform™ stable of assets.  The relationship with a consumer starts through a first party registration, where basic demographic information is shared and a unique consumer ID is assigned.  Every activity the consumer engages with is appended to this profile with a single purpose - to personalize the way a brand initiates a RELEVANT conversation with them.  The Village database makes it possible for brands and consumers to participate in ongoing, active dialog that is valuable for both parties.  The consumer profile becomes the trusted way that brands and consumers interface and govern their conversation.  Finally, the Village database collects all activity and behavior results and weights and adjusts the data to meet research quality criteria.   

Integration Tools

Epicenter Experience clients house consumer data in a number of disparate systems.  Often times, these systems do not communicate with one another and are difficult to access.  The People Platform™ technology enables our clients to aggregate consumer data into a single mobile data store.  With the data centralized, a meaningful look at the consumer profile is possible.  The brand can take action and initiate a relevant conversation with the consumer.  The People Platform™ leverages a set of proprietary tools centralize data.  

(1) Research Query Language (RQL)™ - this innovative query language enables consumer data to be combined and appended to maintain research quality and data integrity.    

(2) API Catalog - the API catalog offers a flexible way to move data and share the core functionality of The People Platform™ with other parts of the client organization.


Access to a nationally representative audience is a fundamental requirement for brands.  Traditional research panels with small sample sizes fall short in this mobile era.  The People Platform™ extends a nationally representative mobile community of people that mirrors census population.  Due to the audience scale and scope, The People Platform data does not require projection. Finally, The People Platform™ allows brands to re-engage and activate consumers based on their brand reaction versus a single consumer interaction found in classic panel recruitment.


Consumers want to to be heard and share their perspective in an authentic way.  The People Platform™ fosters organic interactions among people and brands through a mobile experience.  Brand managers are able to learn directly from their core consumers in an ongoing fashion without any intermediaries (e.g. panels, meters or estimates).  Consumers are able to share their opinion about the products and services they use everyday.  Both brand managers and consumers are rewarded.


A mutually beneficial relationship is one where both parties are rewarded for their efforts.  The People Platform™ creates these valuable exchanges between brands and consumers.  Consumers are rewarded with gift cards, cash equivalents and exclusive access to VIP experiences in real-time for sharing their experience with brands. Brands realize value from direct conversations with consumers where they receive insights to inform future product development, customer interactions and lifestyle experiences.